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T charge key facts

T charge key facts

What is the T-charge?

The T-charge (toxicity charge) will be an additional charge operating in the congestion charge zone in London, applied to the most polluting diesel vehicles.

When will it be in operation?

The same hours as the congestion charge: Monday - Friday, 07:00 - 18:00

How much will it be?

For nearly all cars, vans and lorries, it will be £10/day on top of the congestion charge.

How do I know if my car is affected?

Most cars affected will be diesel vehicles over 10 year old. But you can check your vehicle on the TfL website

Are there any exemptions?

Blue badge holders are eligible for a full extension. Residents are eligible for a 90% discount.

Why are Asthma + Lung UK supporting this?

Because air pollution in London is at dangerous and illegal levels. Breathing in polluted air affects all our health: for people with lung conditions, it can make symptoms worse and make daily activities harder. Children who are exposed to high levels of air pollution are at risk of their growing lungs not developing properly. And for all of us, air pollution has been linked to lung disease and heart disease. In London, the majority of harmful air pollution is from cars, vans and lorries, particularly diesel ones. The T-charge will discourage people from driving in the city centre and will help to bring those air pollution levels down to a safer point. 

Where can I find more information?

You can find more information on the TfL website 

Across the UK, millions of us are breathing in toxic levels of pollution. That needs to change.

Tell the chancellor to stop incentivising diesel