An open letter to supermarkets

We’ve written an open letter to supermarkets, asking them to inform staff and customers that wearing a face covering might be hard for some people with a lung condition.

Coverings aren’t mandatory in shops, but we don’t want people to feel under pressure. So we have written an open letter to the supermarkets in the UK. We want them to take those with lung conditions into consideration and understand that face coverings are not an option for everyone.

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We know that many supermarkets have been amazing throughout lockdown. They have helped our key workers, carefully set up social distancing regulations and offered more home deliveries. But we are worried that as face coverings begin to be necessary in more places, people may not be aware that for those with a lung condition, like asthma and COPD, or for those who have recovered from COVID-19 that wearing a face-covering might be hard.

We are therefore asking supermarkets to share this information around to their staff and customers and help those with lung conditions to feel comfortable in their shops.

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