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An open letter to the transport industry

We’ve written an open letter to the transport industry, asking them to inform staff and passengers that wearing a face covering might be hard for some people with a lung condition.

Coverings are mandatory on public transport in England. However we want them to take those with lung conditions into consideration and understand that face coverings are not an option for everyone.

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We know that those working on public transport have been working hard to keep us all moving during this pandemic. We appreciate how they have helped our vital frontline NHS staff and all of our frontline workers arrive safely and on time at work by keeping transport links open. But we are now worried that some staff or passengers may not be aware of this exeption and the reason why some people cannot wear face coverings.

People with lung conditions are understandably very concerned that they will not only be judged by other passengers for not wearing a covering but may be refused travel or given a penalty fine. We are therefore asking that transport staff and the industry as a whole will share this letter and help those with lung conditions feel comfortable and safe.

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