The battle for breath campaign

Help us tell the government we need a plan to boost the nation’s lung health.

Lung disease is the 3rd biggest killer in the UK. It affects the lives of over 12 million people and costs the NHS billions each year. But not enough progress has been made to tackle lung conditions.

Last year, our battle for breath report found that lung disease mortality rates haven’t improved in the last ten years. The UK now has the 4th highest mortality rates in Europe.

Across the UK there are still wide variations in the care given to people with lung conditions like asthma, lung cancer, COPD, IPF, mesothelioma and more.

Lung disease is a major part of health inequalities in the UK and it costs the NHS and society £11 billion.

Despite this, the NHS and governments in England and Scotland currently have no strategic plans in place to improve services or care for people with lung conditions. The plans already in place in Wales need extending and enhancing if they are going to be effective. That’s why we’re campaigning for change across Britain.

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