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Battle for breath social media campaign

Lung disease is the third biggest killer in the UK, but not enough is being done to tackle it. We're asking you to use social media to raise awareness about lung disease this August. 

What you need to do

This August, we want you to shout about why lung disease matters to you. We want you to use social media to tell politicians that tackling lung disease matters. 

Record a video on your smartphone and post it to Twitter, Instagram or Facebook using the hashtag #battleforbreath. It's best if your videos aren't more than a minute long. If you don't have a phone to record a video on, why not ask if you can use a friend's or neighbours? 

You can also take a photo and spread the word using a poster (PDF, 120KB)

What you could say

Here are our campaign messages and some examples of the things you could say in a tweet, post on Instagram or put on your Facebook page. They're just a guide.

Just make sure you express your support for tackling lung disease in whatever way suits you. Remember to include our Twitter username @lunguk. 

Ideas for tweets

  • 12 million people in the UK have lung disease, but you would never know, they’re invisible @lunguk #battleforbreath
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  • Lung disease is under prioritised by government and health bodies. This needs to change. Join the @lunguk campaign
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  • We don’t have a national strategy for improving lung health. It’s time to come up with a plan @lunguk #battleforbreath 
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  • I'm supporting the #battleforbreath campaign because [insert personal message] We can't continue to neglect lung disease 
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You can print out the #battleforbreath placard for pictures and selfies. Post them using the hashtag #battleforbreath.

Download your placard (PDF, 166KB)