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What's the problem in Liverpool?

  • The air is unsafe to breathe – air pollution is illegally high in 67% of local authorities and breaches levels of fine particulate matter recommended by the World Health Organisation in 83% of local authorities. This impacts the air quality of the majority of the 1.8 million people living in the region.
  • People’s lives are being cut short - polluted air contributes to 1,100 premature deaths every year in the region.
  • 140,000 people with lung conditions being put at high risk – toxic air can cause an asthma attack or flare-up of COPD, which can leave people hospitalised.
  • Costing up to £480 million every year – toxic air is expensive and bad for business. It is costing millions of pounds and putting an unnecessary burden on health services.

We want Liverpool's new mayor to commit to:

  1. A bold clean air zone in Liverpool that restricts all polluting vehicles and protects people’s lungs.
  2. A region-wide clean air plan that commits to reaching WHO levels by 2030, reducing all pollutants and tackling toxic air around schools, care homes and hospitals.
  3. Further and faster investment in cycling, walking and cleaner public transport to enable people to choose healthier forms of travel.