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Share the clean air message

Using Twitter and Facebook is a great way to spread the word about clean air. It can seem scary at first but social media is a brilliant way to engage people in debate and to campaign for change in your area.

Our top tips

Our social media expert, Jonathan, has compiled 6 top tips for you:

1. Ask yourself what you want people to do

Make sure you have a clear call to action when you post. Do you want people to sign a petition? Read a blog? Share their experiences?

2. Tag people so they can see your posts

From MPs and councillors to colleagues, Asthma + Lung UK (@asthmalunguk) and other health and environment charities, it’s always good to keep people in the conversation.

3. Follow people and charities involved in the clean air debate... you can keep up to speed on the latest news and share their posts with your followers.

4. Only share news stories from reputable media outlets and charities

It’ll help avoid spreading fake news.

5. Proof-reading is key

Take a second to check you’ve tagged the right people and you’re sharing the right links etc. If you struggle with proof-reading by eye you might find Microsoft Word’s “Read Aloud” feature under the “Review” tab useful.

6. Pictures and short videos are a great way to capture attention and show off what you’re doing

Although make sure you have permission if you can see people clearly in your photos or videos. It’s also important not to use other people’s pictures if you don’t have permission. There are sites that offer free photos such as Unsplash. Always make sure you check if you need to credit the picture in a certain way.

Things to help with spreading the word

Social media graphics

Posters and pledge cards