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Demand change from the next mayor of the West Midlands

In May 2021, the West Midlands is going to the polls. It's time for the West Midlands to choose its next mayor, and we want to make sure clean air is at the top of their agenda.

We want all the mayoral candidates to back:

  • The clean air zone for Birmingham, which covers all polluting vehicles, to be introduced as quickly as possible.
  • A region-wide clean air plan that commits to achieving WHO levels for PM2.5 by 2030 at the latest and reduces toxic pollution around schools, care homes and hospitals.
  • Further and faster investment in cycling, walking and cleaner public transport to enable people to choose healthier forms of travel.

Keep your eyes peeled in the coming weeks when we’ll be launching an action for you to contact your candidates. Make sure you’re signed up as a campaigner so we can let you know.

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