Ideas for your Big Breakfast

There are loads of ways to hold a brilliant Big Breakfast! Here are just a few of our favourites.

At home

ciara coffee through a hatch

Create a breakfast buffet! Whether it’s tea and toast or a champagne brunch, ask friends and family to donate what they’d usually spend on a meal out.

At work

Ask colleagues to skip the coffee shop on their commute and serve up your own Americanos in the office. Add some fruit, yoghurt and a cheeky muffin or two for a fab start to the day.

At your Breathe Easy group

big breakfast two people talking

Invite your group to stay behind after your meeting for some tasty snacks. Or open it up to the whole community and show off your cooking skills!

At your school

For a great way to get your class involved, open up a break time tuck-shop! Ask people to contribute tasty breakfast treats or to help serve them out.

At your hospital

big breakfast croissants fruit table

Work on a busy respiratory ward? Why not offer on-the-go breakfasts to colleagues, patients and visitors? Bananas, strawberries, homemade muesli bars and, of course, plenty of coffee are all great options!

Feeling inspired?

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