Ideas for your Big Breakfast

Here are a few of our suggestions for holding a cracking Big Breakfast.

There are lots of different ways to take on a Big Breakfast. Take your time over a full plate and put on a beautiful brunch for your friends and family. Or set up a brilliant buffet that friends and colleagues won’t be able to resist!

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At home

Create a breakfast buffet! Whether it’s tea and toast or a champagne brunch, ask friends and family to donate what they’d usually spend on a meal out.


At work

A mid-morning buffet is a great excuse to socialise with colleagues over some tasty treats. Charge per item, or set a price per plate. If your office is particularly competitive, you could even challenge your colleagues to a breakfast bake-off!


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At your Breathe Easy group

Invite your group to stay behind after your meeting for some tasty snacks. Or open it up to the whole community and show off your cooking skills!


At your school

Get your school involved in fighting for clean air and healthy lungs.

We have some great resources for schools to learn more about air pollution and what we can do to reduce it – have a look at our schools page to find out how you can make a difference!

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At your hospital

Work on a busy respiratory ward? Attend a monthly support group? Maybe you run a pulmonary rehab class or you’re one of our Keep Active Keep Well instructors? Why not offer on-the-go breakfasts to colleagues, patients and visitors? Coffee and cake can make any day better.


Boost your fundraising

  • As well as asking for donations for your breakfast, why not try adding an activity on the day to help you raise even more!
  • A competition or a raffle is a great way to boost your total. Read our guide on how to organise a raffle. We can even send you a letter to help you approach local businesses for prizes.
  • Set up an online giving page with JustGiving or Virgin Money Giving so that people can donate even if they can’t be there on there on the day (or if they ‘forget’ their wallet...)
  • Some employers will match your fundraising, so it’s always worth checking to see if you could double your total!
  • Check out our ideas for promoting your event and boosting your fundraising.

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