Activity ideas for your school's Big Breakfast

Whether your class is taking on a day or a whole week of activities, we’ve got an idea for you!

Choose a couple of activities from our suggestions below. Or if you’re really committed to change take on the whole lot and add in some ideas of your own!

Marching for cleaner air

The NHS recommends children get an hour of exercise a day, so ditch the wheels and begin your week with a march to school that will leave your students wide awake and ready for the week ahead! Avoid main roads and walk the least polluted route.

Get your students to write a story or poem about their march to school and send us your favourites!

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Pool to school

In towns and cities, the main source of air pollution is road transport. Diesel and petrol vehicles create pollutants, including nitrogen dioxide and particulate matter. Too many cars outside the school gates are causing higher levels of air pollution which particularly affects young lungs. Decrease pollution levels (and save on petrol!) by setting up a carpool scheme.

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Pet plant

Plants make our environment a better place. So visit the local garden centre and introduce the children to the newest member of the class! Students can take it in turns to look after your plant and take pride in the positive difference they’re making to the space they're learning in!

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Recycling corner

Production of new items made of plastic, aluminium, glass and other materials is a major contributor to air pollution levels. That is why it’s important to focus on recycling! Set up a recycling corner in the classroom, and see how quickly the bin fills up!

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Meat-free Monday

Meat production is one of the main causes of greenhouse gas emissions in the atmosphere. Start the week with this in mind and go veggie for one day a week.