Fundraising from home ideas

Take on your own challenge and start making a difference now.

We’ve put together some fun and easy fundraising ideas to keep you, your friends and family busy! You can  also download BLF fundraising goodies to help make your event even better.

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The Board At Home game

Challenge yourself to something different with the Asthma UK and British Lung Foundation’s Board at Home game.

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Virtual pub quiz 


Reconnect with friends and family with this quick and easy money spinner. Just let people know the time, send round a Zoom or Skype link and tell everyone to bring a drink or two. Why not make it a weekly event!

Just ask for a small donation for people to enter. You can even steal some questions from this handy site if you’re struggling for inspiration.

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Bake off

Challenge your friends to a virtual bake-off. Ask everyone to donate £5 and set a weekly sweet treat challenge. At the end of the challenge, everyone submits their photo and ask an independent adjudicator to pick a winner based on the appearance. There’s no limit to the number of participants.

Looking for baking inspiration? Why not pick week 1’s challenge from the BBC good food website

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Head shave


If not now, then when? Give a family member the clippers and cut your locks for lockdown! Live stream it on Facebook live and link it to your fundraising page.

Get your sweat on

Now is the perfect time to focus on your fitness! By taking part in one of our virtual challenges, you can do just that while raising vital funds to support our work. Develop your core strength with the plank challenge or gradually build up the distance with the 10k challenge – Tokyo Olympics 2021 here we come!

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Sewing for the NHS 


If you’re crafty, you can support NHS staff by sewing washable scrub bags for them. You can then post pictures of your beautiful designs on social media and ask friends to do their bit with a donation to support our work.

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Birthday fundraiser

If you’re celebrating your birthday during lockdown, then why not consider setting up a Facebook fundraiser? Friends who would have bought you a present (or a drink) can instead make a donation to support those with lung disease.

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Group based challenges


Missing your old routine? You’re not alone. Keeping in touch with your sports teams, music groups, work colleagues and social clubs virtually is one way to retain some normality. And why not set your group a fundraising challenge you can enjoy together.

  • Nominate someone to do something fun or creative. Whether it’s singing, sewing or the Glam Up and Give challenge, this is a fun way to engage your group while you’re apart.
  • Set a group goal. Aim for a combined goal of 10,000 squats or 500km over a month and complete your challenge as a team!

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