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Ideas to raise as much money as possible

Try these ideas to help you raise as much money as possible.

We’re here when you need us – so get in touch if you want any more help or ideas.

Get your sponsorship forms

Download some sponsorship forms and ask people to support you.

A top fundraising tip is to carry your sponsor forms everywhere you go and ask everyone you meet to sponsor you.

As well as asking directly for sponsors, why not leave a copy at your work or gym? See if friends and family would be happy to take a few as well.

Set up a fundraising page

You can set up a fundraising page to make collecting sponsorship online as easy as possible.

Personalise your page with updates on your progress, photos and reasons for fundraising.

Don’t set your target too low

You may be surprised by how deep your supporters will dig to help you get across the line to reach your goal.

Raise as much as you possibly can for us by trying to set an ambitious, but achievable target.

Raise the bar

Try and make your first donation a big one – that way others are more likely to match it. Or you could make the first big donation on your page.

Keep telling people about it

Let friends and family know how hard you’re working. Make sure you share the link to your fundraising page if you post on Facebook or Twitter.

Try and post just after payday, so people can donate straight away!

Think of any extras

Think about ways to add to your sponsorship.

Cake sales, sweepstakes and raffles are all a great and easy way to help you reach your target.

Ask your boss

Many companies offer a 'matched giving' scheme where they double the amount you raise. If yours doesn‘t already, why not suggest this? It‘s an easy way of boosting your fundraising.