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Shout about your fundraising

Shout about your fundraising

The more people who know about your fundraising the better. Here are some tips to help you get the word out.

Use your network

Your friends and family are a great network so ask them to spread the word.

You could also think about all the networks you’re involved in, like sports teams, church, work, school and local community groups.

If everyone you know can get 1 or 2 people to support you, that can be a big boost without much effort from you.

Get it on Facebook

If you use Facebook, create an event page or a group and invite as many people. This is a quick and easy way to get the details to lots of people.

Put up posters

You can create your own posters using our online tool, or ask us and we’ll send you some blank ones. Put them up at work, in local shops, cafes and community spaces.

Get in touch with your local paper

Local newspapers and radio stations love stories with a personal touch.

Download our press release template, add something about why you’re fundraising for us, and send it to all the local media sources as you can think of.

You could also send some photos to your local paper after the big day – you might become a local hero!