How to hold a charity ball

Here's some top tips about organising a charity ball!

Get organised

  • It’s often a good idea to get together a committee to help you organise the event – invite colleagues, friends and family members to get involved. Getting a few people involved in the planning will share the work and you’ll find it much easier to sell tickets. 
  • Consider who you want to invite and make sure you choose a venue that will attract your target audience and will be big enough to fit everyone in!
  • When finding a venue make sure you always ask for a charity discount
  • Create a budget. This is crucial to make sure you cover all costs (even the unexpected ones!) and raise much needed funds to support our work
  • Decide on a ticket price – ensure the sale of your tickets will cover all of your costs
  • Consider a theme and the type of entertainment

It's time to promote your event!

  • Set up a Facebook event and ask your friends and family to share the event with their networks too
  • Ask each member of the committee to try and sell a table of tickets– you could even offer a prize to whoever sells the most tickets!
  • Contact your local newspaper or radio station to ask if they can cover your event
  • Make sure you let your business contacts know about your event too – the more people who know about the event the better!