How to hold a quiz night

So, you’ve got a group of competitive friends who enjoy a fun evening out? It sounds like a quiz night is for you! Use the quick tips below to ensure the quiz questions are the only thing puzzling you on the night!

Get organised

  • Pick a venue – our tip is to stay local. Choose a venue near where your friends and family live or, if it’s an event with colleagues, pick somewhere close to work. Ask around your local pubs to see if they’ll let you use the space for free
  • Choose a date and time – again, try to think of who you’re inviting and pick a time that’ll work for them
  • Get inviting people – make sure you invite people early so they can get it in their diaries! Shout about your event on social media, and use our invites and posters to spread the word
  • Let us know - we’re here to help! So as soon as you’ve got a date confirmed get in touch
  • We can provide you with everything from banners and balloons to collection boxes!

Things to prepare

  • Prepare your questions in advance. There are lots of quiz questions available on the internet to help you get inspired
  • Think about adding fun rounds like guess the music lyric, movie quotes or a picture round. Or why not have a theme? Questions and decorations could all tie in
  • Prepare and print simple answer sheets and grab plenty of pens
  • Make sure your quiz master is confident and knows the planned order of events for the evening

On the night

  • Arrive as early as you can to give yourself time to get set up
  • Pre-arrange the furniture into small groups so people can get into their teams when they arrive
  • Decorate the venue with our balloons, banners and collection boxes. Give us a call a few weeks before the event and we’ll get some sent out to you
  • Try to find 5 minutes before the quizzing madness starts to tell your guests why you’ve chosen to support us – it can really help bring the donations in
  • Most importantly enjoy yourself!

Our top tips to boost your fundraising

  • Ask everyone who participates to pay to take part, then have a prize for the winning team
  • Don’t be shy to ask anyone else in the venue if they want to join in, you might get an  extra couple of teams
  • Organise a raffle – it’s a great way to boost your fundraising total and you can download our how-to guide for extra help.
  • Don’t forget to ask a few friends to help sell tickets on the night
  • Ask for freebies – from quiz prizes to a free venue, the worst that can happen is they say no! Contact us for an authorisation letter that you can give to businesses to show you’re fundraising for us

Thank you!

Phew, the hard work is over! Thank you so much for all of your incredible support – we’re so grateful for every penny you raise. It really will make a vital difference to our work.

Don’t forget to tell us how you got on and send us your donations, then you can sit back and put your feet up!