Payroll giving

Give to lung research and support each time you’re paid.

For you

Payroll giving is a great way to donate. Every time you’re paid, your payroll department will deduct the amount you agree on and send it to us. The Government will then make up the tax component of your donation.

For example, if you give £1 a month...

  • As a basic rate taxpayer (20 per cent) you pay 80p and the Government pays 20p
  • As a higher rate taxpayer (40 per cent) you pay 60p and the Government pays 40p

Let your payroll department know how much you’d like to give each month and they’ll do the rest. Your donation means that we’ll have a reliable income to plan for the future and will be able to budget well for long-term projects.

For your boss

Payroll giving is great for business, because it shows you’re committed to working with the community. It’s also easy to set up and run. All you have to do is make the requested deduction from your employees’ pay before tax, then pass it to an Inland Revenue Approved Payroll Giving Agency. They’ll do the rest.

Some tips to make your scheme a success:

  • Make sure your employees know about the scheme – promote it in newsletters, on your intranet, or nominate a payroll giving champion to spread the word
  • Give all staff a payroll giving form and information about the British Lung Foundation
  • Include payroll giving information in all new starters’ induction packs

For more information on payroll giving, please call us on 020 7078 7920.