Take a Breath in Birmingham

This page was used for the Taskforce's 'Take a Breath' pilot campaign, which ran in Birmingham from August-September 2021

As part of our brand-new awareness campaign, we are inviting local residents in Birmingham to show their lungs some love this summer.

Our mission is to help increase understanding of why lung health matters and the action needed to ensure good lung health for all. 

It’s time to Take a Breath.

We’re calling on people in Birmingham to ‘take a breath’ for five minutes to appreciate the importance of good lung health, something that many of us take for granted.

In Birmingham, there are estimated to be over 55,000 people living with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) - a group of lung conditions that causes breathing difficulties. The city ranks in the top 10 per cent for adult asthma hospital admissions and the top 20 per cent for child admissions.

We want to highlight the importance of healthy lungs for all. 

Take a look at our Take a Breath teaser video, which gives a glimpse of how our campaign will take shape over the coming weeks.

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Alison Cook, Chair of the Taskforce for Lung Health, said:

“We’re encouraging people in Birmingham to take a moment to think about and appreciate their lung health. The COVID-19 pandemic has prompted many of us to reflect on the importance of taking a breath and the feeling of being able to breathe freely - something that can often be taken for granted in the hustle and bustle of our daily lives.

“We want to highlight that this simple action can be a real challenge for the 1 in 5 people in the UK who live with a lung condition, and that action must be taken to help improve the treatment, care and quality of life for every person affected.”