A parent campaigning to improve air quality

The Clean Air Parents’ Network is a project by the British Lung Foundation and ClientEarth to support parents and carers of children across the country who want to help solve the UK’s air pollution crisis.

Campaigner sandra green smiling at BLF Clean Air Parents Network event

The project calls on all levels of government to take action to tackle illegal and harmful levels of air pollution so children can grow up breathing cleaner and healthier air. There are members all over the UK.

Sandra Green, who lives in Birmingham, has 2 sons. She became a member because she was increasingly concerned over the impact of levels of pollution. “I’ve always had a strong interest in environmental issues,” said Sandra. “I wanted to be involved locally and I set up a car club, which helps people give up their car but have access to a vehicle when they need it.”

“The Clean Air Parents Network is a good way to connect with other parents and make changes locally that can have a big impact. We campaign on national issues, like air quality, but work together to address issues in our neighbourhoods. Parents all over the UK are asking questions and sharing great ideas about how to reduce pollution.”

An important focus has been the school run. “We are working together as parents to reduce the number of avoidable car journeys around schools. We can make quite a big difference to the local air quality, which helps protect our children.”

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19 December 2019