I was empowered by being given the right medicines for my asthma

Julie Reynolds has lived with asthma since childhood, which later became complicated by adrenal insufficiency.

Getting the right medication has always been of vital importance, particularly as her condition has changed over time.

Julie was given a medication plan as a teenager, which has played a critical role in her care. “Having a medication plan helps me see when an exacerbation is starting and I then know to start my emergency plan of medication,” she says. “It also has helped consultants see how my medication plan may not be working and needs adjusting or if my medicines need stepping up.”

Julie, who lives in London, sees a consultant every 3 months and an asthma nurse once a year, as well as her GP when she needs to. Her medication plan is under constant review. “Currently, my intake of reliever and preventer has increased so this is showing the medication needs to be changed.”

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19 December 2019