Why pharmacists are well placed to monitor lung health

Satyan Kotecha is a pharmacist with 25 years of experience in community pharmacy who now practises in Leicester and Nuneaton.

Respiratory pharmacist Satyan Kotecha in pharmacy

He holds a number of strategic roles, including chair for pharmacy of the Local Professional Network in the West Midlands NHSE. Based on his experience, Satyan believes community pharmacists can play a greater role in the earlier diagnosis of lung conditions.

“People have an ongoing relationship with their pharmacist because of their regular visits for medicine or advice about their health, so we are ideally placed to monitor their lung health.”

Satyan, who has a particular interest in diabetes, would like to see a similar pathway introduced to support community pharmacists in the care of lung conditions. “Giving pharmacies a mandate to refer people with symptoms of a lung condition would mean that we would be taken more seriously by other health professionals as well as patients,” said Satyan.

“Such a mandate should be backed up with training for all pharmacy staff, particularly those with patient-facing roles,” he said. “Referral pathways should be clearly defined, so all health care professionals understand their roles and patients know what to expect.”

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19 December 2019