Why we need much earlier diagnosis of lung disease

Steve is a GP. He talks about the importance of early and accurate diagnosis and how the Taskforce for Lung Health is calling for a revolution in how we diagnose lung disease.

Steve shares his experience of the difference an early diagnosis can make. It means that people can start treatment earlier and make changes to their lifestyle. They are given the best chance to fight their condition and to live a full life.

People with lung disease too often wait months or years to get an accurate diagnosis. There are also many people out there who have lung disease but are currently undiagnosed. These people can't get the support they need to give them the quality of life they deserve.

Steve represents the Royal College of GPs, which is a member of the Taskforce for Lung Health. 

The Taskforce is calling for a change in how we diagnose lung disease. We want to see more spirometry tests being used in GP practices and hospitals. This is a simple, inexpensive breathing test which measures the flow of air in and out of the lungs.

We also want time-limited targets for how quickly people with suspected lung disease are seen and treated, like there are for other serious illnesses like cancer.

Early diagnosis can make a huge difference. Read how the Taskforce aims to improve diagnosis, in our new five-year plan to improve lung health

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7 December 2018