Air quality

Toxic air is one of the biggest threats to our health. Air pollution damages healthy lungs and makes problems worse for people living with a lung condition.

Air pollution is linked to up to 36,000 deaths in England every year and costs society more than £20 billion. Two of the most dangerous pollutants are nitrogen dioxide (NO2) from vehicles and particulate matter (PM2.5) from vehicles, wood burning, industry and farming. 

Air pollution alerts

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What this page will tell you

This page will provide information on the development of a national system for air pollution alerts and health advice. It will monitor the progress of the Taskforce recommendation for the:

Government to introduce a national system of air pollution alerts with health advice 

This will be measured through the following measures of success: 

  • A national system of air pollution alerts is set up and implemented within one year of this report being published and evaluated to assess public use and impact on behaviour change within five years