The Taskforce for Lung Health: living with a lung condition

The Taskforce for Lung Health is a group of organisations and people with an interest in lung health. We’re working together on a 5-year plan to improve life for people who already have lung disease and to stop people developing lung disease in the future.

Lung disease is one of the top 3 killers, but the number of people in the UK who are dying from lung conditions has not fallen over the last decade. Despite this, there is no national plan in place to improve lung health or to improve the care and services that people with these conditions receive.

Call for evidence

We’ve opened a call for evidence to identify what needs to change in how we prevent, diagnose and treat lung disease, and how people are cared for towards the end of their life. If you have, or care for someone with, a lung condition then your experience is part of this evidence. It can help us understand these important issues and illustrate why a 5-year plan is so important.

We’re looking at three main themes:


  • The journey that people go on to get their diagnosis
  • The way people are told about the condition they have


  • The impact that different treatments have on your life. Treatments could include medications, pulmonary rehabilitation, oxygen and other ways of managing your symptoms
  • The way that different treatment options are discussed with you


  • The things that could stop people from getting lung conditions in the first place
  • Things that might have made a difference to your lung health or to developing your lung condition

End of life

  • The way that your health care professionals talk to you about what might happen and what you want if your condition gets worse
  • The way that you are cared for and supported

This call for evidence is now closed.