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The Taskforce for Lung Health Press Office is available for any enquires from members of the press.  You can find an up to date list of our members on our members page.

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The Taskforce for Lung Health is a unique collaboration of patient representatives, health care professionals, professional bodies and other experts. Over 30 members have a shared vision for lung health; we want to transform care and treatment for patients and change the mortality rate for lung disease, which has barely improved in over a decade. An Industries Forum, which works alongside the Taskforce, includes representatives from the pharmaceutical, diagnostics, devices and digital industries.

Coming together for the first time in 2018, we developed a five-year plan to improve lung health in England. Our report makes vital, realistic recommendations to NHS England and other governing bodies about all aspects of lung health; from prevention and diagnosis right through to end of life care. Together, we’re giving people with lung disease a powerful voice.

If you are interested in sharing your personal story with the Taskforce for Lung Health, please email: [email protected]

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