7 keys to manage Child Asthma.

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7 Keys to Manage Childhood Asthma is a remarkable mobile app that aids the parents and guardians of Asthma affected children to keep the disease under constant check and to control it with effective remedies.

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7 Keys to Manage Childhood Asthma is a remarkable mobile app that aids the parents and guardians of Asthma affected children to keep the disease under constant check and to control it with effective remedies. This app comes in handy with the curative suggestions given by Dr. Jagdish Chinnappa, a pediatric practitioner since the last 30 years in Bangalore. He is also one of the best consultants for respiratory maladies, emergency care and ENT disorders in children. He was the secretary of the National Respiratory Chapter of the Indian Academy of Pediatrics. There are exceptional features in 7 Keys to Manage Childhood Asthma app which enables to diagnose the severity of the infection based on the symptoms and to take effective actions to provide relief to the suffering child. This app also has the provisions to have the entire history of the ailment along with the symptoms persisted and the medicines used to control it on any given day. Key Features :---------------------? Avoid Allergens to deal with the things that deteriorate the child's asthmatic condition? Relieve Symptoms to act against the asthmatic symptoms and provide remedial medication? Control with Controllers to stay informed about the best medicines to control the disease? Difficult to Control to identify the child's asthmatic conditions that might be difficult to control so that you call out for doctor's assistance in time ? Modify Lifestyle to know the best practices that could keep the asthma affected child active and healthy? Action Plan to plan the course of medication and to get automated prompts on timely basis? Monitor Response to have a constant check on responses shown by the child to the medication and to maintain a recordWhy this app?--------------------1. Frequent Reminders :This phenomenal mobile app notifies you to give appropriate medicines on the respective days. This is made possible with a provision where you can feed the details of the prescribed medicines and the dates in which the medication has to be given.2. Medical Record :With this app you may keep a track on your child's asthmatic condition by frequently entering PEFR (peek flow reading), height, weight, BMI and other symptoms such as coughing, wheezing, fever, etc. You can also add the details of the medicine used to treat the condition. Thus it enables you to maintain a detailed medical record of asthma affected child.3. PDF Document :There would be several instances where the pediatric practitioner would ask for the detailed medical history of the asthma affected child. During such acute situations this app comes in handy with an option of extracting the entire medical record as a PDF document. Through which the symptoms that the child had exhibited and the suppositories used can be precisely verified.4. For Your Family :Asthma tends to run in families as there seem to be a hereditary component to the tendency to develop this disease. During such circumstances managing the medical records and taking right medication at the right time would be a challenging task. You can reduce the density of the situation by using 7 Keys to Manage Childhood Asthma mobile app for all the affected members of the family.5. Demo Videos :This app consists of demo videos to ensure that the devices used for medication is operated in the right manner. 6. During Emergencies :During emergency situations you can use this app to track down the nearby hospitals and pharmacies where you can call out for immediate assistance. This app utilizes the GPRS functionality of your mobile and therefore gives the hospital's location and address details.

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App score: 50/100

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Reviewed on: 4 November 2018 (Independently reviewed for us by ORCHA)

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