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The AccuPollen™ Allergy Tracker application is a free app that is designed to help allergy sufferers.

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  • Asthma


The AccuPollen™ Allergy Tracker application is a free app that is designed to help allergy sufferers. The AccuPollen™ Allergy Tracker is for individuals with allergies, especially pollen that triggers allergies of the eyes (allergic conjunctivitis), the nose (allergic rhinitis), the skin (atopic dermatitis/eczema and/or hives) and for those suffering from asthma. This app will help you correlate your allergies and asthma with the local pollen count with *SPECIFIC* breakdown of types of trees, grasses and weeds.

The app allows you to see *REAL* pollen counts in your area. 'Pollen Stations' from around the country measure pollen and upload their pollen counts to our database. Automatically *LINKS* to the closest pollen station based on your location, however, you can tap any station on the map to view its most recent pollen counts.

The AccuPollen™ Allergy Tracker V 1.0 is still in early development and additional features are already under development and the goal is to provide the best aide for those suffering from pollen allergies. Therefore, we welcome any additional ideas and suggestions.

AccuPollen™ Allergy Tracker has been developed by Dr. Leonard Bielory, one of the New York Times nation’s “top docs”. Dr. Bielory, a professor of medicine and pediatrics and a board certified practicing allergist has been involved in multiple clinical studies and has cared for thousands of patients with asthma and allergies. He has been funded as principal investigator on a United States Environmental Protection Agency grant studying the impact of climate change on allergic disease and modeling the effect of pollen on allergic airway diseases.

The AccuPollen™ Allergy Tracker app has been developed by Victor Jacobson as part of a senior project grant funded by the State of New Jersey with Kean University and the STARx Technical Corporation.

Any use of this information provided by the app is for personal use only .

The AccuPollen™ - Pollen and Mold Counts are the property of  the STARx Technical Corp., LLC and the participating pollen counters.  ?Any use, copying, reproducing or re-publishing of these materials is prohibited 
without the prior written approval of STARx Technical Corp., LLC. ? AccuPollen™ and PollenUnderground® are trademarks of STARx Technical Corp., LLC. © 2018 STARx Technical Corp., LLC, Inc. All rights reserved.

The STARx Technical Mission Statement is -- To Improve the Health of all those we touch through Patient Care, Education, Research and Service.

For further information contact [email protected]

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App score: 54/100

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Reviewed on: 20 November 2019 (Independently reviewed for us by ORCHA)

  • General Information
  • Environmental Data
Data Collection

The data collected about you is capable of identifying that it relates to you

The type of data that it collects isn't classified as sensitive data.

(Identifiable but not Sensitive) ' The type of information this App collects, is not sensitive but is still classed as identifiable data, relating to you and so could poses a risk in terms of your privacy and confidentiality. It is still therefore important that the publisher is clear what they do or don't do with this information.

Data Use

The App does state that it won't share your data in any way with other people without your consent.

The App doesn't allow you to share information in the App with other Apps, systems, organisations or users.

Data Security

The App doesn't encrypt the information it collects to make it safe from other people as it is transferred from the App.

The App doesn't encrypt the information it collects to make it safe from other people as it is retained by the the developer.

Professional Assurance

It wasn't clear from our review that a suitably qualified professional or organisation was involved in the Apps development.

It wasn't clear from our review how regularly the advice and guidance given by the App was reviewed and updated by relevant professionals.


It wasn't clear from our review that the App had been through end user testing as part of its design and development.


The App does provide customisable features.

End User Capacity

The App does provide support for users with poor sight.

The App does provide support for users with hearing difficulties.


The App doesn't appear to have a clear approach to dealing with user issues.


The App is entirely free to use.

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