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More certainty about your health.

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Platform: iOS

Cost: Entirely Free

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Condition(s) this app helps

  • COPD


More certainty about your health. With cVitals, measurement results are sent to your healthcare provider in a safe and secure manner. In that way, an expert always takes a look at your health.

***CE marking Medical device***

- Take measurements using a single overview
- Available measurements: blood pressure, heart rate (pulse), weight, glucose
- Questionnaires for COPD, heart failure and heart problems
- Enter measurements manually, automatically with Bluetooth, or via Apple HealthKit
- Always a specialized healthcare provider available to monitor your health
- Contact with your healthcare provider only when absolutely necessary

cVitals can only be used if your healthcare provider has prescribed the app.

We are extremely careful with your personal details, and do everything possible to protect them.

Would you like to try cVitals? Download the app and start the demo version by tapping on the small icon with the “i” on the welcome screen.

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App score: 80/100

More details

Reviewed on: 22 April 2019 (Independently reviewed for us by ORCHA)

  • Alerts and Notifications
  • "Health Tracking
  • "Health Tracking
  • Data Sharing
  • Remote Clinical Monitoring
  • "Health Tracking
  • "Health Tracking
  • Wellbeing Tracking
  • Carer Support
  • Data Sharing
Data Collection

The data collected about you is capable of identifying that it relates to you

The type of data that it collects is classified as sensitive data.

(Identifiable and Sensitive) - Because of the type of data that this App collects it is particularly important that the App takes the security and privacy of that data seriously and only enables others to see or share this information if you have expressly consented to this.

Data Use

The App does state that it won't share your data in any way with other people without your consent.

The App does allow you to share information in the App with other Apps, systems, organisations or users.

Data Security

The App does encrypt the information it collects to make it safe from other people as it is transferred from the App.

The App does encrypt the information it collects to make it safe from other people as it is retained by the the developer.

Professional Assurance

It was clear from our review that a suitably qualified professional or organisation was involved in the Apps development.

It wasn't clear from our review how regularly the advice and guidance given by the App was reviewed and updated by relevant professionals.


It wasn't clear from our review that the App had been involved in any clinical trials or similar testing to demonstrate its 'real world' effectiveness.


This app is a medical device and has a CE mark.


It was clear from our review that the App had been through end user testing as part of its design and development.


The App does provide customisable features.

End User Capacity

The App does provide support for users with poor sight.

The App does provide support for users with hearing difficulties.


The App does appear to have a clear approach to dealing with user issues.


The App is entirely free to use.

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