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The importance of talking to others

When you have a long-term lung condition, it can be useful to talk to others who understand what you’re going through.

If you live in an isolated area, or don’t see people on a regular basis, it can be difficult to talk to people who know what you're going through. This is why getting online can make a huge difference to your life.

Online, you can talk to people 24/7. Here are a few examples of places online where you can chat to people just like you.


HealthUnlocked is our online community and is here whenever you need it. You can get emotional support, tips and learn about your condition from other people who are going through a similar situation. 

HealthUnlocked is one of our featured apps, find out more about the benefits it offers.

Facebook (and other social media sites)

Social media sites are other places you can talk to people online. On Facebook, you can post public comments or message privately by inbox. You might also want to sign up for closed Facebook groups. These are normally private groups, meaning you have to request to join and no one outside the group can read the posts and comments. These groups are moderated by an administrator. 

Why not follow the Asthma + Lung UK on Facebook! Get daily updates from us, and chat to others interested in our work and the fight against lung disease.

Staying safe online

Being digitally confident can make your life easier, but it does create new opportunities for a person or company to fraudulently use your data. So, it’s important to know how to stay safe online. This is especially important when using social media or other chat-based forums. The information we share on these platforms tends to be of a more personal nature, and cyber-criminals can use this information against you, so beware!

Make sure you:

  • consider all information you put online to be public 
  • only accept friend requests from people you know. This includes not accepting friends of friends 
  • choose the highest privacy and security settings available, and choose a complex password (that you don’t share with anyone) 
  • if you post a photo, be aware of information that can be identified in the background. For example, a photo with a street name can give away your location.

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