Our team in England

We have a specialist team in England working for everyone across the nation affected by a lung condition.

What we do in England

  • We support people who have lung disease, their families and carers.
  • We raise awareness of lung disease at a local and national level.
  • We campaign to make lung disease a priority for the UK government
  • We work with the NHS, local authorities and the voluntary sector to improve and develop local services

Who we are

Our team of service development managers can provide you with support and advice on service improvements and redesign across the respiratory pathway.

Bev, North

Bev has worked with us since 1996 as a regional manager and now Service Development Manager for the North. She has extensive experience of working to support people with lung disease and their families, and with the NHS and other organisations to improve respiratory services.

We've achieved much but still have a lot to do and I’m proud to be part of the team that is doing it.

Katie, North West

Katie joined us in April 2013 after a long and varied career within the NHS supporting patients, carers and clinicians to improve health services for all. 

The opportunities exist everywhere to build stronger relationships with our partners in health and social care to achieve and continue to make a difference for those people that need it the most.

Sarah, Midlands

Sarah joined us in March 2014. She has worked for many years across health and social care to influence and campaign for better services for people with long term conditions at both a local and national level.

I want to hear from people across the Midlands about what health and social care services would improve their lives and look forward to working with commissioners and supporting health and social care professionals to provide better care for patients and carers.

Justin, South West and South Central

Justin joined us in September 2012 with a background in community development.

I've lived with a lung condition all my life, so I can appreciate many of the issues that are important to the people we work with.

Ashley, South East and East of England

Ashley has worked with us for over 14 years and has helped to develop our Breathe Easy network, supported patients and carers to influence their health care and worked with the NHS and commissioners to improve respiratory services.