How we spend our money

We can only do what we do because of your donations. Here's a transparent account of how we spend your money. 

We're a small charity with a big mission: to make sure everyone can breathe clean air with healthy lungs.

We work hard to make sure every penny you give is spent wisely, so here's a transparent breakdown of how we spent the money you gave us from 2016 - 2017. 

For every £1 we receive, 80p goes directly on looking after the nation's lung health, and 20p goes to running the charity. We also used funds raised in previous years, from our reserves, to continue to increase our investment in research. 

How the money you gave us made a difference

In total, we spent £8.11m on giving people with lung conditions hope, help and a voice. Here's where it went.

Hope: investing in life-changing research

2.2m in research

  • We spent £2.2m funding our research programme - our largest annual investment to date. 
  • We received £5m from the Victor Phillip Dahdaleh Charitable Foundation, to match government funding from last year.
  • We're researching new ways to fight mesothelioma tumours.
  • Some projects will run over more than one year, and we set the money aside now. The total spend includes admin.

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Help: supporting people with lung conditions

230 Breathe Easy groups

  • We spent £2.18m funding our patient support and services
  • We supported thousands of people in over 230 Breathe Easy groups around the country, and secured a grant to allow us to fund 60 new ones. 
  • We now have 61 singing groups across the UK. 
  • Our helpline answered 20,000 calls and 3,559 emails

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A voice: funding policy, campaigns and preventions

Our 5 year plan

  • We spent £1.97m on raising awareness and fighting for change in the UK
  • Over 300,000 people took our online breath test, part of our award-winning Listen to your lungs campaign. 
  • A cross-party group for lung health was established in Scotland.
  • We've set up a task force to write a new 5-year plan for lung health.

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What you gave us

This year, you gave us £5.4m - that's even more than last year!

  • Most of our income, £3.14m, came from donations 
  • About a third of our income, £2.29m came from gifts in wills, up 24% on last year
  • We secured a game-changing £5m grant to research mesothelioma from the Victor Philip Dahdaleh Charitable Foundation (our largest donation ever) 
  • We received over £825,000 from grant-giving bodies to fund innovative projects like Keep active, keep well and our integrated Breathe Easy groups

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All these figures are from our 2016-17 financial year, and we'll update them every year.