How we spend our money

We can only do what we do because of your donations. Here's a transparent account of how we spend your money. 

Your support makes a big difference in improving the lives of people with lung conditions and will stop lung disease having the same impact on future generations. For every £1 we receive, 80p goes directly to looking after the nation’s lung health. Just 20p goes to running the charity.

What you gave and the difference it made

In the past year you gave £6.7 million – the most ever - and over a million pounds more than last year. Thank you!

Hope: investing in life-changing research


  • £2.7 million invested in research – our highest amount ever
  • Over 100 members of our new Mesothelioma Research Network
  • 3 new professors to drive forward lung health research

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Help: supporting people with lung conditions

Singing groups

  • 400 people joined Keep active, keep well
  • 100 singing groups around the country
  • 20,000 calls answered by our friendly helpline

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A voice: funding policy, campaigns and preventions


The Taskforce for Lung Health

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What you gave us

This year, you gave us £6.7m - that's over a million more than last year!

  • Most of our income, £3.45m, came from donations
  • About half of our income, £3.22m came from supporters who left us a legacy in their will
  • Pharmaceutical companies supporting our Taskforce for Lung Health donated £275,000 to fund its work to develop the first national five year plan for lung health
  • Grant-giving bodies gave £763,000 to support our projects to help people living with lung conditions, including £270,000 for our Integrated Breathe Easy Groups and £94,000 for our new service for people affected by IPF
All these figures are from our 2017-18 financial year, and we'll update them every year.

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