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10 blogs from 2018 you should read

We look back at some of our favourite stories from 2018.

Wow - 2018 was amazing! Because of your help, we achieved so many things, from launching our Taskforce for Lung Health report to funding exciting new research projects and the arrival of our new IPF support service. There were fundraising coffee and cake mornings, wine tastings and of course, all our unstoppable runners, bikers and walkers. It was such an inspiring year, and it was all because of your help. 

But out of everything, the most inspiring things were your stories. We were moved by your tales of bravery in the face of lung disease, and given hope by your strength.

Read on to see some of our favourite stories from the year, and if you’d like to keep up to date, make sure you add us on Facebook and Twitter, and sign up for our email updates

I’m 16 and living with ILD - now I’m taking on a fun run!

Nathan lost his dad to IPF. Then, when he was only 16, he was diagnosed with ILD himself. But that wouldn't stop him from taking on a fun run to raise funds for people with lung conditions and awareness of his condition - while also showing that he's living his life to the fullest! 

Nathan's story

Photographing my mum’s COPD

When Robin's mum was diagnosed with COPD, he asked her if he could shoot some portraits of her throughout her illness. The result was these beautiful photos that show an honest depiction of the effects of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, and Robin's mum's journey to the end of her life.

Robin's photo blog

We went to parliament to fight for lung health

We want to change the way that lung health is managed, so we spent all of 2018 talking to experts, other organisations and people living with lung disease on what the best way was to do that. In December, we took our five year plan to parliament. If it's adopted by the health service, then there'll be big changes for people with lung disease.

What happened on the day

I thought I had asthma when really I had EILO

Nicky's asthma was taking over her life. Then one day, convinced it had to be something else, she went back for a second opinion. It turned out to be EILO, a rare but treatable condition. After 17 years of being unable to walk down the street and hold a conversation at the same time, her breathing difficulties disappeared. 

Nicky's story

Our life with IPF

Ron used to be the life of the party, but since his IPF, fatigue and fear is too overwhelming. But despite that, him and his partner Maxine are making the most of every minute, and know that being positive gets them further. "We’ve accepted that our life together has to be crammed into a few short years," says Mazxine. "It feels like we live life on a tightrope, hoping we don’t fall off.”

Ron and Maxine's story

How we’re helping find better treatments for mesothelioma

Did you know that last year, we announced that we had had £900k to invest in new research grants for mesothelioma? That includes researching new 'personalised' therapies for mesothelioma, researching and other projects that translate into real treatments. Our head of research Ian explains what we've achieved so far in this blog. 

Our mesothelioma research

After bronchiectasis I was depressed - then I found Breathe Easy

When Glenys was diagnosed with bronchiectasis, her normal life went on hold. She began to feel lonely, isolated and full of despair for the future, especially when she had to stop going to her job. Then one day, a chance encounter led her to Breathe Easy. Now, she's hopeful for the future, and building a new life in the slow lane. 

Glenys' story

What breathlessness means to me

We asked six people how breathlessness affects their life, from what they do to manage the symptoms, how they control the anxiety, and what they to do to help them feel in control (one likes to have a private boogie in her bedroom)!  All of them have one thing in common though -  although breathlessness has changed their lives, they won't let it get the better of them.

Read their stories

Putting lung health in the spotlight

We knew it was going to be a red letter day when the director of NHS England booked a telephone call with our head of policy. And it was! We found out that for the first time, lung health would now be in the spotlight in its new 10-year plan. Alison explains more in her blog.

Find out what happened

Swimming, cycling and running 140 miles for my mum

When Aaron's mum found out she had a tumour in her lung, he wanted to do something big to show he supported her and help other people with lung conditions. That's how ended up facing 140.6 miles of track, road and open water at the Ironman Triathlon, a gruelling challenge that took him over 13 hours to complete. 

Aaron's story

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18 December 2018