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3 reasons to love pulmonary rehab

For people with lung conditions, pulmonary rehabilitation can change lives.

Pulmonary rehab is an exercise and education programme for people with lung conditions. It can help your overall wellbeing in lots of different ways. Here, three people talk about how pulmonary rehab has changed their lives. 

Eric: 'The difference to my physical health was amazing'

Eric Compton.jpg

Eric has been going to PR for 9 years, and has never looked back.

"Why am I doing exercise, which is making me feel even more breathless?" 

That's what I was thinking on my first day of my pulmonary rehab course. But by the end, the difference was amazing. 

Now I can go up the stairs to my bedroom at home without having to pause to catch my breath on the landing!

I had to have surgery for lung cancer last year, but because I kept up with my weekly maintenance classes, there were no problems. The surgeon was satisfied with my breathing and operated without a problem!

That was over a year ago - so I'm feeling good!

Judith: 'It taught me so much about my condition'


Judith found what she learned about COPD during her PR course invaluable. 

My consultant told me about pulmonary rehab when I was diagnosed with emphysema over three years ago. A short wait later, I found myself on the course, and it was brilliant. 

Because I was in the early stages of my condition, I needed information. Pulmonary rehabilitation helped me learn so much. The knowledge to manage my condition has been so empowering for me. It means I can take care of myself and keep well all year round, in winter and summer. 

I got to my pulmonary rehab class every week, and I'm sure that's why my condition hasn’t gotten any worse.

Now I know that education is the key to staying well, and having a good quality of life. Pulmonary rehab does just that! 

Len: 'Life is much easier around people who understand'

Len found the social aspect of PR really helpful

Meeting new people at pulmonary rehab helped Len manage his COPD.

When I was diagnosed with COPD, I had to give up dancing, which I really used to enjoy. It got embarrassing being breathless around people who didn't understand.
Then I started pulmonary rehab. I found it so helpful to be around other people who have the same thing. I met my friend Dave on the course, and now we’re sort of partners in crime! We have a laugh during the course, and have a bit of fun winding up the people running it. 

The thing is with COPD is that you need relief from it. It’s so difficult to come to terms with, and if you dwell on it too much, you'll feel depressed. You have to make the most of it, and try to forget your problems. 

I encourage people on the course to keep going, so they can mix with the same people. It makes life a lot easier being around people who understand. 


I know the benefits of pulmonary rehab but getting on a course is not easy. I moved to Milton Keynes a while ago and at least I am on the waiting. Where I came from there were no courses available.
After 7 weeks2 times a week of rehab I had improved my ability to walk before getting breathless by 30% so proud of my self
Hi there I was diagnosed with bronchiectasis in the 80's and have really struggled with the condition. I have been going to PR for 10 weeks now and you would not believe the difference it has made. I have bought my own weights to use at home and my breathing is much better. My colleagues, family and friends have commented that I dont cough as much!

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10 May 2016