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How Take Steps gives us hope

From raising money for research to celebrating the life of a loved one - there are lots of things your Take Steps walk could mean to you. 

Every 5 minutes, someone in the UK dies from lung disease. In the next 24 hours alone, over 1,500 people will be diagnosed. And in just a few minutes from now, another family will lose a loved one to lung disease.

Why Take Steps?

There are so many reasons you could decide Take Steps. You might want to walk in memory of a loved one, or to show support for someone you care about living with a lung condition. You might even have a lung condition yourself.

Whatever the reason, your walk will help us provide people with lung conditions hope through our research, help through our support services, and a voice through our campaigning work.

These people are raising money to make a real difference to our work and to help the millions of people living with a lung condition in the UK.

Sign up to Take Steps this June

Ron believes we can find a cure 

"One of my mottos is that you learn to live with IPF, you don’t die with IPF.

Before I had IPF I was really active – I even did triathlons! But now, I'm constantly out of breath. I hope that by raising this money with my sponsored Take Steps walk, we will be just a little bit closer to finding a cure. Family members and others from my IPF support group will join me, and my wife will also be carrying my oxygen bottles as I walk. Having such good really makes a difference.

I want to show what can be achieved in the face of such a devastating illness like IPF."

Ron's story

Claire and Emma know research means hope

"Just 5 weeks after he was diagnosed with lung cancer, we lost our dad. Losing dad is the most difficult thing I've ever had to deal with. Life will never be the same.

I know how important it is to research lung disease. It's the only way we can find new cures and treatments for diseases like the one my dad had. I know that where there’s research, there’s hope. 

We’re doing our part, and by signing up to Take Steps you can too."

Claire and Emma's story

Cara is celebrating her grandad's memory after he passed away from COPD

"My grandad was absolutely amazing. We all miss him so much. That’s why I organised a Take Steps sponsored walk in memory of him, together with loads of friends and family.

I knew I wanted to do something to remember him but until I got a letter about Take Steps through the post I didn’t know what. Then I thought, I can do walking! Walking’s easy!

The day itself was incredible. We got our grandad’s face printed on the back of some t-shirts, so everyone knew why we were doing it. It was such a great atmosphere." And not only did we get to remember my grandad, and have a great day out - we also raised a fantastic amount to help others with lung disease!"

Cara's story

Join us to Take Steps this June

We're asking people to join us at our Take Steps walk in Dorking this June, where we're hoping to raise £15,000.  You can also hold your own Take Steps walk and get your family and friends to join. 

Sign up to Take Steps this June

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6 November 2018