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5 ways to Take Steps

Sasha McKenna's top ideas for giving your walking challenge a twist.

Next month, we’ll be holding our very first Take Steps walk in Richmond Park and throughout the month, many of our wonderful supporters will be setting themselves their own walking challenges. Walking can be great fun and has proven benefits for your lung health too!

If you’d like to join in, spend some time with friends and raise money to fight lung disease, why not try one of these ideas to give your challenge a twist?

Walk to work

Challenge yourself to commute on foot for a day, a week or even the whole month! As well as asking colleagues or your employer to sponsor you, consider donating the money you’ve saved on travel to really boost your fundraising!

Become a walking tour guide

Is there an area you know well? Bring your impressive local knowledge to the fore and ask for donations in return for a sightseeing tour or a trip around your favourite walking route.

Walking relay

Do you have a team ready to take on the Take Steps challenge? Set yourself a group target distance and each walk as much as you’re able before passing on to the next person. Each team member can collect sponsorship or make a donation to take part.

Treasure hunt

Give your walk a competitive edge by hiding clues and treasure along the route. As well as being great for children and adults alike, a treasure hunt can really make your walk stand out and gives entrants plenty to talk about on the way!

Get to a meeting point

If you have a large group of walkers, why not split into teams of two, start at different points and race to a chosen finish line? Participants could donate to compete or collect sponsorship and you can organise a sweepstake to guess the winning team. Meet the rest of your group at the finish to celebrate with a cup of tea and a prize for the winners!

Feeling inspired? Find out more about how you can organise your Take Steps walk, or register for our Take Steps walk in Richmond Park. You can also contact our events team on or 020 7078 7912.

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13 May 2014