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5 ways to Take Steps to help the nation's lungs this June

Help the nation's lung health and improve your own at the same time with Take Steps this June.  

Everyone knows exercise is good for you, particularly if you're living with a lung condition. And one of the best ways to get some gentle, daily exercise is to go for a walk.

This June, you can look after your own lung health and the nation's lung health at the same time. Could you organise a Take Steps sponsored walk?

"Organising the walk was a little daunting but I found the BLF offered great advice and support. It was a great experience and worth every moment of time and effort!"


It's completely up to you how you set up the walk. It could be up a mountain or in your local park, solo or with everyone you know! And you set the distance, so it's just right for you.

To give you some inspiration I've had a think about 5 different ways you can Take Steps in June. 

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1. Have a fun day out with friends and family

Taking a relaxing walk with your friends and family is one of the simplest pleasures in life.

Raise money for people with lung conditions while taking a stroll with your loved ones in the park or along the beach, (perhaps with a cheeky stop off at a nearby pub for a well-earned treat at the end!)

2. Be bold and tackle a trail

Fancy a bit of a challenge? Investigate your nearby trail walks. What's out there might surprise you, so you can raise money and discover a great local walking path near to you while having a bit of an adventure.

Remember to take your map, compass and a fully charged mobile though - you know, just in case! Check out or

3. Work together with your exercise group

If you take part in a pulmonary rehabilitation class, or an exercise class, why not get the group involved?

You could ask your friends and family to sponsor you for each lap you all do of your meeting room, with everyone walking as much as they're able to. And maybe a walk to the nearby tea shop for some well-deserved cake afterwards!

4. Fly solo with the pedometer challenge

If you don't fancy doing a long walk, you can still take part in Take Steps - lots of people decide to take the pedometer challenge!

Grab a pedometer (or install an app on your phone) and ask people to sponsor you to take a certain number of steps over a day, a week or even a month.

5. Band together with us in London

On the 4 June, we'll be gathering in London's Richmond Park to walk the gorgeous 7-mile long Tamsin Trail.

We'd love you to join us, while keeping our eyes peeled for the famous wild deer along the way. It's bound to be a fantastic day out. 

If you’d like to hold a Take Steps walk, we’re here to help. Let us know you’re keen by signing up today

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10 March 2016