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5 years of the BLF blog

The BLF blog is 5 years old! To celebrate, here’s 5 inspiring stories from the last 5 years.

5 years ago, we launched our blog. Since then people living with a lung condition have shared so many inspiring and informative stories. Here are some of our favourites.

IPF – the final stages

In 2014, shortly after being told he was approaching the end of his life, David wrote this story about dying in an honest and open way. He talks about the physical and mental journey that he had been on in the five years since his diagnosis and the path ahead of him.

David's story


9 things people with lung disease want you to know

People often get the wrong end of the stick about lung disease. Luckily, Ann told us the 9 things people often get wrong about living with a lung condition. Simple things taking twice as long to complete, not all lung diseases are related to smoking, and that her illness does not define her. What do you want people to know about lung disease?

Ann's story


Losing my mum to COPD

Emma's mum was told she had COPD. In this blog, she explains the emotional impact of her mum’s diagnosis. Emma’s story deals with difficult issues, but she explains the everlasting positive memories that remain with her. 

Elizabeth's story 


Getting out of breath saved my life

Bob was struggling to walk up a hill in a Cornish fishing village. That was the moment that led to the diagnosis of his lung condition. Had he not got himself checked, his life could be drastically different. Bob's story is a great example of why being out of breath isn't always normal and you shouldn't be afraid of visiting the doctor.

Bob's story


I'm 16 and living with ILD - now I'm taking on a fun run!

Nathan lost his dad to IPF when he was 2 and was diagnosed with interstitial lung disease aged 16. When he was first diagnosed, he was scared, but now he is living life to the full. Nathan then decided he wanted to help other people, and signed up to take part in the Milton Keynes Fun Run with his step dad.

Nathan's story


These stories were all written by people like you. It’s not always easy for people to share their story, but we’re so grateful for anyone who takes the time to share theirs.

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9 May 2019