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6 reasons these dogs think you should Take Steps

There are so many great reasons to Take Steps, we simply can't explain them all on our own... 

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Everyone knows exercise is good for you, particularly if you're living with a lung condition. And one of the best ways to get some gentle, daily exercise is to go for a walk - as any dog will try and tell you!

This June, you can have a brilliant time with people you love, while improving your lung health on a sponsored walk. And what's more, the money you raise will help change the lives of other people with lung conditions.

Plus, you'll get some snazzy blue t-shirts to make sure everyone knows why you're walking.

If you're still not convinced though, here's 6 reasons these dogs think you should Take Steps this June.

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1. Walking with your loved ones is really fun

Grab your friends and family, and get everyone out and about for some fresh air! After all, a relaxing stroll with the people you love is one of the simplest pleasures in life. 

It's also a touching way to commemorate someone. Just read Cara's account the amazing day out she had on her Take Steps walk in memory her Grandad.

2. You can go anywhere you like

If you're fed up with walking the same old bit of countryside all the time, this is a great chance to round everyone up to try something new. Why not organise a day out to a lovely bit of coastal path, or a stretch of woodland you've never visited?

What's out there might surprise you, and you might just end up discovering a great local walking path while raising money. 

(Remember to take your map, compass and a fully charged mobile though - you know, just in case! Check out Ramblers or for some inspiration.)

3. You can bring your PR or exercise group together

Lots of people with lung conditions take part in pulmonary rehabilitation or exercise classes. Signing up for Take Steps can help bring your class together, while improving your lung function. 

You could ask your friends and family to sponsor you for each lap you do of your meeting room, with everyone walking as much as they're able to. (And perhaps a gentle walk to the nearby tea shop for some well-deserved cake afterwards!) 

4. Walking by yourself can be very rewarding

If you're not sure about walking in a group, but you'd still like to help people by signing up Take Steps, lots of people go for the pedometer challenge. 

Grab a pedometer (or install an app on your phone) and ask people to sponsor you to take a certain number of steps over a day, a week or even a month.

5. You get to reward yourself afterwards with a great lunch

No further explanation needed. 

6. It's a chance to band together with us!

On 30 June, you’ve got the chance to join us at Denbies Wine Estate in Dorking for our flagship 10km walk.

We would love to see you, your friends and family (and definitely your dogs) there too! Sign up here to be part of the fun!

If our doggies have convinced you, and you'd like to hold a Take Steps walk, we can help! Just let us know you’re keen by signing up today.

Sign up to Take Steps 


If you live in or near Bury, Castle Leisure Centre have walks for people with a lung disease, give them a ring there are several walks to choose from dependant on your ability.
Going on a charity walk 24th June for Armed Forces Day. Unfortunately agreed to collect for another Charity, however, I am up for another challenge in August/September 2017 - & a big one - Looooong one - but not yet decided where or when. Must be in the South West. Anybody care to set me a challenge?
I have been walking dogs since I was 16 and I just could not live without a dog now aged 68 nearly 69 my son said this will be your last dog I said indeed not I need to have a reason to get ot of bed in the morning and the best reason is your dog although I think something a bit smaller than my lovely Pippin she is a bit big for me but she is such a great dog and i love her to bits.

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12 April 2017