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You can help change lives this Christmas

Could you help more people with lung conditions get the support they desperately need?

Our helpline answered 20,000 calls last year from people like Karen, Denise and Michael, who tell their story below. But did you know it's all thanks to you? Your donations mean we can keep our helpline staffed with our friendly nurses, volunteers and advisors.

But although we helped so many people last year, sadly, there were 3,500 calls that went unanswered. That’s thousands of people not getting the advice and support they desperately need. 

We must reach these people, but that’s only possible with your support. 

Make a gift, and your support could give people with lung disease the kindness, reassurance and knowledge they’ve gone without for so long. What better present could you give at Christmas?

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Karen says:  "For the first time, I understood I wasn't alone" 

"Even though I rang a couple of years ago, I’ll never forget what the helpline said to me: 'We get so many calls like yours.'

"When I came off the phone, I cried with relief. Now, for the first time in a decade, I understood that I wasn't alone. I can't tell you how much of a difference it made to me. I have found out that unless you have lung issues yourself, nobody can really know how it feels, the pain and how hard it is to get about, or even talk. I'll remember that day forever."

It costs us £900 a day to keep our helpline open. 

Denise says: "That nurse was like a star in the darkness"

"My life was falling apart. But then, one day, I found the BLF Helpline. As soon as a member of the team picked up the phone, I knew I would get the help I desperately needed. I told him about my situation and he said he would get one of the specialist nurses to ring me back. With just one phone call, that nurse changed everything for me.

"Finally, I was talking to someone who knew what I was going through. She was so kind and compassionate. She was like a star in the darkness. "

We allocate £1,500 a year to help train our nurses

Michael says: "I've been able to turn my life around"

"With the support and help from the helpline, I’ve been able to turn my life around. I’ve stopped smoking, I’m attending pulmonary rehabilitation (PR) and I’m looking forward to joining my local Breathe Easy group. If it wasn’t for them, I would still be suffering in silence. 

I know that I can rely on the helpline. All I’ve got to do is pick up the phone and tell them how I’m feeling. Or if I just need to chat, I know the helpline will be there to listen."

With your help, we can reach 3,500 more people next year. 

No one should have to go through a lung condition alone, so we're trying to raise £38,500 so we can help even more people next year by expanding our team. 

Your money could be used for all kinds of things, so no matter what you give, you'll be helping make a difference.

  • £5,000 will pay for 36 days of specialist advice for complex disability benefit enquiries
  • £10,000 will pay for a nurse to answer 905 calls
  • £25,000 will pay for a nurse to answer 2,263 calls

Will you help more people get through to us?

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30 October 2018