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Betty's walk

Mick and his family organised a sponsored walk in memory of his Mum Betty.

Betty passed away from COPD. A large group of family and friends ranging from aged 7 – 60+, united in a walk around Southwark Park for the BLF and raised an incredible £1,500! Here's how they did it.

First to select the route

Mick chose the inner perimeter of Southwark Park for their walk – the biggest local park. He first walked it as a Venture Scout when he was 15, Mick says “It was 20 miles that time, times have changed!”.

The perimeter is approximately 2 miles and has been used many times for sponsored walks in the area, it has a lake and a flower garden, a bowling green etc and it’s safe for walking with children – an important consideration.

Also, as Mick was keen to do 10 miles but realised not everyone would be confident walking that far, the perimeter of the park meant that people could do as many or as few repetitions as suited them.

Some of his friends from his social club joined him in 10 miles, some of his daughters friends and other family members joined later to do a shorter route, and 2 of the group who were fit experienced hikers chose to do an impressive 20 miles!

Then for the invites

Sophie and her father worked hard to make the event a huge success and get as many people along as they could. So they invited family and friends, putt up posters in Mick’s social club, made a Facebook event to invite a wider network, and made sure they invited event more people via word of mouth.

Then for the fundraising:

To raise as much money as they could, Mick and his daughters came up with some fantastic ideas! Before the event they collected sponsorship from family, friends and work colleagues and put collection can’s in Mick’s social club and a friends pub.

On the day itself they took a collection bucket on the walk to collect money from passers by and to finish, they organised a great big BBQ to thank everyone for taking part and provide much needed energy after a long days walking, where they sold burgers for £2!

Sophie said “it was really nice for everyone to have the BBQ to look forward to after all their hard work!”.

An extra element to remember Betty

Mick didn’t only want to organise the walk, he wanted to have a special remembrance section to the event so everyone could unite and remember Betty together. So he organised a church service for after the walk but before the BBQ - a beautiful way to remember her with all his friends and family.

Everyone really enjoyed the walk that Sophie and Mick organised and not only did they raise much needed funds for the BLF but also helped in raising local awareness of lung disease.

They’ve got lots more planned including a Race Night later this year and another walk next May for which they hope to have 60 walkers raising £100 each for the BLF! Thank you to Mick and his family for their incredible support.

We hope Betty’s Walk has inspired you – but if you still need further ideas, tips and support, please don’t hesitate to contact us on or 020 7078 7912.

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4 January 2014