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Biking cross-country for the BLF

James Cant cycled across Scotland to raise money for the BLF. Here’s how he did it.

Scotland in June has famously superb weather….sometimes! So when a friend of mine rang me during the dark winter months to suggest we cycle from the west coast to the east to raise money for the BLF, I was well up for it.

It was a daunting challenge. The months had rolled round quickly and I hadn’t really trained for it.  And of course some of the pesky medical types who were going to be doing it with me are famously fit and competitive. When they’re not busy saving lives they seem to off banging out another hundred miles or so on their sleek carbon roadbikes in true Wiggo fashion.

As for me? I’m just a recreational cyclist, someone who much preferred to run or play 5s before my knees got too creaky.  And I’d never cycled this far before – ever. But I knew that I had a great team with me and just how important the BLF’s work is. 

And most of all, I was thinking about the many people I’ve met while working at the BLF who really know what it means to be ‘puffed’ - and they don’t let that hold them back.

We started out in Oban, the gateway to the Isles on the west coast of Argyll. It was exactly the right kind of day, warm enough to be pleasant but cool enough not to melt.

We passed through some amazing places on our route. This is Loch Awe, one of Scotland’s biggest inland lochs (no monster though!)

We stopped for the night in Crieff. It’s just 20 miles from my home in Dunblane, but I resisted the temptation to get back on the bike in the evening!  To be honest I was probably too tired as we all flaked after dinner and slumped into bed.

Stopping for a doughnut in Cupar, Fife. Normally I’d feel guilty…

Finally, we made it to St Andrews on the east coast! What an amazing trip. It wasn’t easy, but the best things never are. I’m glad to have done it and raised some cash to help keep lungs healthy.

Just before the ride I visited Breathe Easy Kirkcaldy for their tenth birthday celebrations. Seeing the difference the group has made to so many people really brought home how important it is to keep the BLF working for patients. Fundraising events like this make it all possible.

I’ve already been talked into planning my next trip – so watch this space! Finally, a huge thank you to all my fellow cyclists, our support team and the many people who were kind enough to sponsor us.

Inspired by James’ ride across beautiful Scotland? Have fun, raise vital funds and complete a challenge you can be proud of – take part in one of our fundraising events.


This all looks so exciting and interesting. It almost makes me want to have a go... almost! Maybe next year :)

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24 June 2014