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Blues'day Tuesday

We’re so fortunate to have such engaged corporate partners supporting our work. During Love Your Lungs Week they went the extra mile by donning something blue in our first ever Blues’day Tuesday. 

On Tuesday 18th June our corporate partners showed their support for Love Your Lungs Week by dressing up in something blue for work in our first ever Blues’day Tuesday. All entrants paid £2 to take part with some companies even imposing fines on colleagues who forgot to wear something blue.

To help raise awareness of Love Your Lungs week they also shared photos on twitter of them in their Blues’day gear. Below are some of our favourite photos from the day:


The UKATA team were keen to don BLF t-shirts to show their support. UKATA are our latest mesothelioma patron and are a leading authority on asbestos training. They ensure that all members adhere to the highest standards of asbestos training and are determined to raise awareness of asbestos and promote safe working practice.

My MHealth

My mHealth are proud members of our Industries’ Forum which is working alongside our Taskforce for Lung Health as we look to raise public awareness and improve lung health in England. My mHealth are a leading developer of patient apps which support people with lung conditions like asthma and COPD.

My mHealth staff on Blues day

Hodge Jones & Allen

Our long-standing mesothelioma patron, Hodge Jones & Allen, displayed an impressive array of shades of blue in their Blues’day photo. Hodge Jones & Allen are a leading law firm which specialise in providing legal support for people with industry related lung-conditions such as asbestosis or mesothelioma.

PARI Medical

PARI Medical provide a range of medical devices such as nebulisers which support people with lung disease. Last year they ran a special anniversary t-shirt campaign to celebrate their 50th year donating £7,500 to help us support our work. They are also going to become the latest company to join our Living Well Alliance later this month.

PARI medical staff on Blues day

Shield Environmental

Shield Environmental are supporting our mesothelioma research through the mesothelioma patron scheme. Shield are asbestos removal and surveyance specialists and as keen fundraisers were only keen to show get involved and show their support.

Boehringer Ingleheim

Boehringer Ingleheim are a leading pharmaceutical company who have been consistent supporters of our work for many years. They helped us develop our Stay Active, Stay Well DVD and are currently providing important insight as part of our Industries’ Forum as we build upon the recommendations that emerged from our Taskforce for Lung Health report.

Boehringer Ingleheim staff on Blues day
The Boehringer Ingleheim team were proud to be taking part in Love Your Lungs Week

Simpson Millar

As one of our long-standing mesothelioma patrons, Simpson Millar were only too keen to raise awareness by taking part in Blues'day. Simpson Millar are another law firm that specialise in providing legal advice and support to people with lung conditions such as mesothelioma.

Birchall Blackburn

Birchall Blackburn are a former mesothelioma patron that have supported us over a number of years. They offer legal expertise to people with lung conditions through the National Asbestos Helpline.

Birchall Blackburn staff on Blues day
Law firm Birchall Blackburn & the team from the National Asbestos Helpline doing their bit

GA Solicitors

The personal injury team at GA Solicitors really enjoyed the opportunity to get into the Blues'day spirit. Based in Plymouth, GA Solicitors are part of our mesothelioma patron scheme and provide legal advice and representation to people across Plymouth and the South West who have mesothelioma and are considering making a claim.

National Asbestos Helpline

If you’d like to find out more about Blues’day and how your company can get involved next year then please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our corporate team.

Email our corporate team

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Andy Jackson

Andy is one of our corporate partnership managers. He builds and manages relationships with companies who are working with us to improve the lives of people with a lung condition.

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8 July 2019