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Climbing Snowdon: My Love for life gets stronger every day!

Sue has just completed three climbs of Snowdon, covering 6 paths, and raising an incredible £600 for the British Lung Foundation as well!  In this blog she tells us why she took on this amazing challenge and why you should take on your own.

I have always loved walking

In 2014, approximately six months after being diagnosed with COPD, I did my first Snowdon climb. Steve, my spouse, encouraged me to aim for the Snowdon walk, something we had been planning to do. It felt so exhilarating to reach the top on such a beautiful sunny day.

I have always loved walking since I was a young girl and was devastated to know I had this dreadful disease. As a nurse, I had seen many people with COPD - fighting for breath and frightened during exacerbations of their illness.

However, my consultant Dr Fullerton was amazing. He spent time informing, explaining, and reassuring me. He also pointed me in the direction of organisations, such as the British Lung Foundation, who have proved to be a great source of support. Since then, I have been a fierce supporter of the British Lung Foundations’ great work and the resources offered by them.

6 paths up Snowdon for my 60th year

Walking has seen me through many difficult days, this past year it helped a lot, especially when I was unable to meet with family and friends (I’m a social girl at heart!). So for my 60th birthday, I decided that I wanted to walk Snowdon again.

I had done it a few times since 2014 but this time I wanted to walk with my friends. And I decided to set myself the challenge of completing six paths of Snowdon!

So much support!

My two grandchildren, 8-year-old Lola and 4-year-old Arthur, joined me on the smaller walks in the run-up to the climbs, along with a number of friends.

My friend Donna helped me to plan the Snowdon challenge by working out the best routes, planning parking and acting as guide. My hubsand Steve was also always ready on my return from a walk with a hearty meal.

And so many people climbed the mountain with me, through the rain, sleet and sunshine! My family - including my son’s partner Zoe, Dylan and Eve, my eldest granddaughter, work colleagues, friends from school days and friends from more recent years. 

The support was fantastic, and I of course want to give a big shout-out to all the sponsors who have donated so generously for the British Lung Foundation. I hope this will help support other people with lung conditions, just as I have felt supported.

My advice to others taking on a challenge

I would definitely recommend doing something like the challenge I completed. If you believe you can do it, you can make positive changes. Channel your inner sense of self to find a challenge you will enjoy doing.

I suggest seeking support from people close to you and share the experience with your nearest and dearest. You won’t regret it. 

Also, look forward to that moment when you reach your goal, nothing beats that feeling. But, most importantly, although life is hard - just don’t give up. I’m looking to plan my next challenge already!

My love for life gets stronger every day

It was a crazy idea to set myself this challenge of completing six paths of Snowdon for my 60th year and it took grit and determination to achieve my goal. 

In the face of such uncertain times, COVID-19 restrictions and weather challenges to name but a few, it would have been so easy to throw the towel in.

It was one of the most exhilarating and brilliant experiences of my life and I cannot wait to embark on the next big challenge.


Want to take on an amazing challenge like Sue?

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16 July 2021

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