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Fighting for lung health in Scotland and Northern Ireland

I want to make sure the election winners look after your lung health. 


My name's Vicky and I work in the Scotland and Northern Ireland branch of the British Lung Foundation.

Because there are elections coming up in these countries, we're talking to politicians to make sure that lung health is a priority for them.

It's very exciting - imagine the changes we can make for people with lung conditions!

What you need to know about the elections

Depending on who gets voted in, we might see health laws change in Scotland or Northern Ireland. Politicians in these countries can make huge decisions to change rules about health and care that could affect millions of people, like people with lung disease. 

So we want to make sure that whatever happens, you're protected. We're getting involved by asking politicians to sign our manifesto promising to look after your lungs. 

Politicians can and have made amazing changes – banning smoking in cars carrying children, and banning the sale of e-cigarettes to people under 18 was a great start.

But we need to see more! Here's what we're asking for. 

Northern Ireland

We want the new Northern Irish executive to prioritise lung health – that’s no surprise! But what are the main things we're asking for? 

  • Make a new ‘all party group’ to discuss lung health. There’s one for cancer, heart disease, and diabetes. We think lung health deserves one too.
  • Come up with a detailed plan on how to tackle poor air quality.
  • Offer more support to people with lung conditions so they can feel better and avoid hospital.

Read the full manifesto for Northern Ireland


Here's some of the main things we're asking for in Scotland. 

  • A proper plan of action on how to protect children from air pollution
  • Politicians talking more to people with lung conditions, the people who look after them and health experts to find out what changes we need. 
  • More information on how many Scots smoke - we're aiming for 5% of the population by 2034. But we need information on how it's going to help. 

Read the full manifesto for Scotland

How you can help people with lung conditions

I'm really hopeful that politicians will listen to what we have to say. It could mean big changes to health laws, which could save lives and help people with lung conditions, and their supporters, for years to come.

If you support us, we have an even greater chance of making a difference. 

You could send our manifestos to your MSP or MLA using email. Or, if you're on Twitter, share them and use the hashtag #SP2016 in Scotland and #AE2016 in Northern Ireland.

Someday, together, we can make sure that one day all of Scotland and Northern Ireland will breathe clean air with healthy lungs.

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6 April 2016