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Getting out of breath saved my life

Hi, I’m Bob. I want to talk to you about getting out of breath.

Bob Setford

I used to pride myself on being fit. I loved visiting Cornwall, and seeing the world.

Every now and then I’d get out of breath – I thought it was normal.

Here’s a photo of me walking in the south of France. I’m second on the left.

Bob Setford

I knew something was wrong while walking up a hill in a Cornish fishing village.

Nobody else was struggling - but I had to stop quite often, just to get my breath back. It left me feeling exhausted.

Cornish fishing village

At first, I was worried about going to see a doctor.  Thank goodness I did. The doctor made me feel relaxed and reassured.

I was diagnosed with a lung condition, and my treatment was a series of exercise classes.

The simple tests probably saved my life.

Bob Setford

Now I know my limits, but also what’s possible. That means I can still lead an active life.

If I hadn’t got checked out, that might not have been possible.

I’m heading back to France later this year, I help out with local community gardening projects - I even rebuilt my kitchen.

And here’s a photo of me enjoying time on the beach with my family.

Bob Setford

I hope my story can help people realise that getting out of breath isn’t always normal.

If you're worried about it, I'd recommend you seek medical help. It’s not scary – as I found out.

Do you feel out of breath doing simple things? Take our quick and easy online test to find out if you should speak to your GP.

Take the test now >

We’re the only UK charity looking after the nation’s lungs - and we want you to think about what makes you feel breathless. Find out about our campaign.

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11 June 2016