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26 July 2017

A ban on new diesel and petrol cars in 2040 won't protect our health today

The government published their air quality plan today. It explains how they plan to bring down harmful pollution levels.

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Every day, millions of people living in towns and cities are breathing in toxic air. It's an invisible killer that impacts all our health. That's why it’s so important a plan has been published.   

The plan includes a strong commitment to ban sales of new diesel and petrol cars by 2040. This will really help speed up the move to electric vehicles which produce lower emissions.

It confirms the government will ask people about a diesel scrappage scheme and an increase in tax for new diesel vehicles. We hope they make bold decisions on both these measures. Vehicles that are harmful should be more expensive and the government should help people buy cleaner vehicles by giving incentives.

Over the next year local authorities will be making plans to tackle pollution in their areas. Unfortunately, there are no new details on what measures they'll be expected to put in place or how they will be implemented.

We want the government to help these local authorities establish clean air zones. These zones restrict where polluting vehicles can go. The government’s own evidence shows they're the most effective way to tackle pollution. If this action isn’t co-ordinated nationally, there's a risk that pollution will just be moved from one area to another.

Without a UK-wide network of zones we'll be left with a patchwork of measures that are unlikely to solve the problem.  Breathing clean air shouldn’t be a postcode lottery.

Join our clean air campaign and tell the government that we need further and faster action.  

Harriet at number 10


Harriet is on our policy team and looks after our work on air pollution

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26 July 2017