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Government must move faster and further to tackle air pollution

The government has published its air quality plan. We're pleased, but more can be done. 

Handing in our air pollution petition at parliament and Downing Street

Penny, our chief executive, said: "We're pleased the government has finally published its plan for tackling air pollution

"The government's commitment to consult on a diesel scrappage scheme is a step forward, but not as big a step as they could have taken. We know that when people know how harmful air pollution can be, they want faster action than this.

"There's still no clarity on how the most polluting vehicles will be restricted in towns and cities. Children and people with a lung condition will remain at risk every day that action is delayed.

"The government has to move faster and further. We're looking forward to working with them to achieve this."

Air pollution contributes to up to 40,000 early deaths each year. Find out more about the campaign for cleaner air.

If you're affected by air pollution, read our health information about how you can protect yourself.

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5 May 2017