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How I’m staying positive

Ian has chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). In this blog, he shares how he’s staying positive and his tips for surviving lockdown.

Ian shares how he's coping with social shielding

It’s a strange new world we’re living in. And it’ll be a strange new world once lockdown is lifted. I expect a lot of people reading this will, like me, have a lung condition. I must say, it’s good to know the government are finally taking notice of us. To everyone social distancing, in shielding or in self-isolation - I hope you’re all doing OK. I know it’s easy to feel low, especially if you’re on your own.

Managing my condition in lockdown

I’m keeping active by doing my pulmonary rehab (PR) exercises around the house and lifting weights while I work. My wife keeps the metaphorical drawbridge up and wipes down anything that comes within 100 yards of the house!

I’ve always been a big advocate for taking control and an interest in my own condition. I take notes every day on various wellness points so, for example, I can track the effects of my medication and learn about my condition. This means I feel more in control of my disease and have the facts about how it affects me when I speak to my doctors and we can work together as partners. After all, it’s my health so it’s up to me to take some responsibility for it – even more so in the current circumstances.

Use the support that’s out there

It’s important you make use of the support that’s available to you, besides the help your family can give you. The government and volunteer organisations can help with essential deliveries like food and medication. If you’re not getting this help, do pick up the phone and talk to your local authority. And there’s always someone at the British Lung Foundation you can talk to. 

I keep my morale up by staying in touch with my family and friends, keeping up with my regular exercise and sitting outside if the weather allows it. Like a lot of people, I’m looking forward to being reunited with friends and family. I use Zoom, we have quiz nights and I’m particularly looking forward to meeting my first great-grandchild, who’s due any week now.

To everyone out there, whether you’re living with a lung condition or not: stay well, keep looking at the BLF website and if you’re not getting the support you need, pick up the phone. Take care everyone.

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21 May 2020