How the Ultra Low Emission Zone in London has helped improve air quality

The introduction of the ULEZ in central London in April 2019 has contributed to better air quality and a projected fall in carbon emissions.

Data gathered by City Hall has found that there are now 13,500 fewer non-compliant cars entering the zone on an average day, a reduction of 38%. With 77% of vehicles entering the zone now compliant with designated emissions standards, the amount of roadside nitrogen dioxide (NO2) pollution has reduced by 36% from 2017 levels. The analysis estimates that the reduction in NO2 pollution solely attributable to the ULEZ is 29%.

Under the ULEZ, diesel vehicles that were registered before 2015 and therefore do not meet Euro 6 standards, and petrol cars and vans that were registered before 2006 and therefore do not meet Euro 4 standards, will be subject to a £12.50 charge for every day they enter the marked Zone.

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19 December 2019