You could change the future of lung health

Ian, from our research team, talks about how gifts from wills support life-changing research into treatments and cures for lung disease. 

I know how it feels to be breathless.  I had asthma as a child, and I still remember how scary it was to not be able to get air in and out of my lungs. It also limited the things I could do, like play cricket. 

Nobody should have to live with the fear of breathlessness. Research into better diagnosis, treatments and cures for lung disease is key, and that's why the research our supporters help us fund is so important. 

This is exciting stuff! 

Thanks to your support, we've been researching lung disease for over 30 years, and since I joined the team, I've seen some really exciting projects get up and running.

Right now, we're looking into a very interesting study from Dr Ian Forrest that studies how stomach acid could be causing people with IPF to suffer a persistent cough.

Gifts from wills provide almost 40% of our funding for research

We've also helped fund Professor Jane Davies research looking into how bacteria and ‘biofilms’ affect people with bronchiectasis and primary ciliary dyskinesia.

This is exciting stuff! But sadly we don’t have enough funding to support every research application that we’d like to. That's where a gift in your will could make a huge difference. Gifts in your will already provide almost 40% of our funding for research – and the more support we get, the more research we can fund. 

Every donation makes a difference 

Dr Liz Sapey is one of the researchers you help fund

Almost all of our research grants are funded by our generous supporters (we do receive some collaborative funding from other charities and companies). So it's crucial that we use the money we receive in the best way possible. That's where I come in. 

It's my job to make sure we’re spending your money on the right projects. I want to choose the ones that will make the biggest impact in helping us work towards a world where everyone has healthy lungs. I get to see firsthand how your generosity gives us the means to continue funding our research, and potentially change lives. 

When you leave a legacy to support our research, it can make a huge difference in the fight against lung disease. The funds you generously leave us are a vital part of offering hope for future generations. 

Even a tiny portion of your estate could make a massive difference in the fight against lung disease. 

Will you help us fight lung disease?

Every penny really does get us closer to the next breakthrough. If you'd like to leave us a donation in your will, you can use our partners, the National Free Wills Network and solicitors nationwide, who offer a will writing service that is free for people who want to write or update a simple will. 

Find out about our free will writing service 

Ian Jarrold

Ian’s work as the head of research ensures we're funding the most ground-breaking research into treatments and cures for lung disease.

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5 September 2018