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How you've brought hope to people affected by lung disease

Our chief executive Penny shares a few words about the amazing things you helped us achieve last year. 

Your generosity brings hope to everyone affected by lung disease.

Last year you funded research totalling £2.7 million – our largest ever investment in any year.

This meant 3 world-class lung researchers became professors; young researchers were supported to continue a career in lung research; 20 research projects got underway, and a new mesothelioma research network was created.

Your support also made possible the dedicated help people affected by lung disease rely on, such as our helpline, Breathe Easy, singing and exercise groups and online health information.

Thanks to you, last year, our helpline answered 20,000 calls from people who needed friendly and expert advice to live with a lung condition or to look after a loved one.

“I rang the British Lung Foundation and I cried, because it was just such a relief to speak to somebody who understood how I felt.” Denise

Your donations and volunteers make possible our Breathe Easy groups that provide members with information, friendship and skills to self-manage their conditions. Around the country, there are now also 100 singing groups and 200 exercise classes.

“I really enjoy the classes, they take me out of the house and I can’t wait for the next one. They’ve helped me get fitter and healthier.” Rosemary

People read our award-winning health information online over 7 million times, and the 450,000th person took our online breath test to check their lung health.

You have also protected future generations from lung disease by donating over £3m in gifts in wills. You raised a record amount this year in memory of loved ones.

“IPF took my husband and my father. My dream is that one day they will discover the gene that passes on this horrible disease.” Jayne, who set up a Breath of Life Fund in memory of her husband, Antony

You also ran, cycled, baked, swam, skydived, quizzed and abseiled to raise over £1.1m to fight lung disease.

This year, we brought together people living with lung disease and 29 organisations in our Taskforce for Lung Health. We all know the UK could do much better to prevent, diagnose and treat lung disease. The Taskforce has created a comprehensive plan to improve lung health. My heartfelt thanks go to all of you campaigning with us to convince the government to act on it. We’ll be relentless in pressing for progress next year - and beyond.

“Running and raising money for the BLF was my way of saying thank you for the incredible support you’ve given me.” Wade

Thank you. For your generosity with your time, your money and your energy. Together, we will make sure everyone can breathe clean air with healthy lungs.



Hi I'm proud to have raised funds for the BLF in memory of my mum who had pulmonary fibrosis and hope it helps to find a cure. Regards John

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1 January 2019